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28 May 2009

India Meteorite News- Allahabad University to Study Meteorites 28MAY09

Allahabad University to Study Meteorites
Yahoo News-India 26MAY09
K. Sandeep Kumar

Tue, May 26 12:55 AM

EXPERTS at the Allahabad University's department of earth and planetary sciences (EPS) have begun an in-depth study of samples of meteorites that have hit the Indian soil in the last seven years. The study, being undertaken by a team led by Dr J.K. Pati, is expected to unfold the mineral mysteries of these meteorites and help understand the complex process of the formation of planets and the solar system.

The AU's department of EPS also has the unique distinction of discovering the largest meteoritic impact crater, formed between the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia called the Dhala impact crater that could well emerge as the oldest on the planet. "We are studying the meteorites that hit the earth between 2001 and 2008.

This includes Dergaon meteorite from Assam (March 2, 2001), Mahadevpur meteorite, Assam (February 21, 2007) and Sulagiri meteorite, Tamil Nadu (September 12, 2008)," said Dr Pati. He said that these are the pieces of asteroids revolving between Mars and Jupiter.

Dr Pati said that their study is essential to understand the process of formation of planets and the solar system, in general.

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