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28 May 2009

New Fireball event May 27 at 0228:46 PDT

New event May 27 at 0228:46 PDT image by YCSentinel

Composite image scaled with a detail insert. The movie clearly shows the ejected(?) particles.
Date and time is in the file name: May 27 at 0228:46 PDT
Date-Time 20090527_0228:46 PDT. (0928:46 UT)
Duration = 3 seconds.
Start Azimuth = 186 Deg. true North.
Start Elevation = 58 Deg.End Azimuth 153 Deg.
End Elevation 47 Degrees

Looks like the 90 second event was an ISS satellite pass.
I am hoping I can bring out the positions of the apparent fragments in the composite. If not I will attempt inserts at the top of the composite image showing where they were in respect to the core at their separate visible times.
The movie shows these hot fragments very clear during the event.

The movie shows these hot fragments very clearly during the event.
This Fireball appears mid-sky south of North Central California. Characterized by what appears may be the ejection of objects which begin a now visible brief ablation or heating after a short distance from the core on either side.I can only speculate* (*no credentials for this) that PART of this fireball fragmented explosively and it may be that cool fragments reached ablation velocity momentarily. They appear stationary in my images after heating. A possible meteoroid dropping event?

reported by YCSentinel

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