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28 May 2009

North in Yuba City, California.AMS eyewitness report time is: May 25th, 2210 hrs. PDT 28MAY09

Fireball or ISS? 25MAY09
25MAY09 Fireball?/ISS? Report Updated 28MAY09

Anyone else get a photo of it, or see it around Glen Ellen, California? Glen Ellen is near the center of Santa Rosa-Napa-Petaluma triangle. I am North in Yuba City, California.
AMS eyewitness report time is: May 25th, 2210 hrs. PDT, traveling from NW30 to SE90 YCSentinel has a capture of a very bright object travelling slowly apparently toward my zenith FROM the North-West.
Sentinel camera timed out at 12 seconds with the object still bright and moving. I thought it might be a slow airplane.....until now!
My time is May 25th, 2211:34 Sentinel Light Curve is huge lasting 370 frames before time-out. I have a short (12 second composite picture & a movie) of what I did capture with the Sentinel system.

My 2nd "Handyavi" system has a corrupt file which occured just before this event. (0506 UT time). That corruption may have been caused by this long lasting fireball.
I am unable to recover that file unfortunately.

Received from Marc Fries PhD. c/c to Peter Jenniskens-- YCSentinel 28MAY09
"I haven't retrieved the radar data for this one yet, but I strongly suspect we're looking at an ISS pass.
The following pass is recorded for Sacramento using the Heavens-Above website:
25 May -2.5 22:09:04 10 NW 22:11:59 87 NE 22:12:02 85 E This records a near-zenith pass starting around 2210 and starting out of the NW. Cheers, MDF"

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