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27 June 2011

Lexington, KY Orange-red Meteor Fireball 25JUN2011

Lexington, KY Orange-red Meteor Fireball approx 25JUN2011
I was in my parents back yard saturday night June 25 2011 approx Lexington Ky 40504. I saw this orange -red fireball coming very fast across the sky from the s east going west. it was very bright and you could see the color and the flames . I hollered for my mom and dad to come outside and they were able to see it also. It had flames on the end. It seemed to get smaller as it approached overhead and looked like it went straight up and disappeared. It was very amazing. I am glad my parents saw this as they are both in their late 80's -Linda Owens

Lexington, KY Orange-red Meteor Fireball approx 25JUN2011
My friends and I saw this, too! It was some time between 9pm and midnight (sorry that I can't be more precise). We were sitting outside at the Starbucks on Nicholasville Rd when two gigantic, flaming, orange-red spheres came zipping overhead. One was a few seconds behind the other, but as far as we could tell they were on the same trajectory, moving E to W (slightly SE to NW). -Zabet

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Anonymous said...

I saw the same flaming meteor from north central Arkansas. It was moving from east to north-west very quickly. I observed it for about 4 - 5 seconds before losing sight behind a tree line. Really weird.