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30 June 2011

Texas / Mexico Red Meteor Fireball 29JUN2011

Texas / Mexico Red Bolide Meteor ~9:22 pm 29JUN2011
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Mission, Texas Red Meteor Fireball ~9:22 pm 29JUN2011
I just saw a red ball with a white trail zoom past our house(Mission, TX) heading south east at approx 9:00pm. The entity was traveling at very high speed but no sound produced. It seems like it was not that high in altitude. JUN 29,2011 time now 9:22pm. -Sergio

Port Aransas, Tx Hugh Fireball ~9:05 pm 29JUN2011
My husband and I were out biking in Port Aransas Tx about 9:05, June 29th and saw a huge low fireball with a very nice tail. Viewed travel from West to East and appeared to be heading for Gulf of Mexico. Only visible for about 4-5 seconds. Very bright.  Juanita and Jimmy Slagle

Corpus Christi, Texas FIREBALL ~9pm 29JUN2011
Very big, lasted about 8 seconds, very bright, appeared close. -Liza W.

Kingwood, TX ~9:00 pm 29JUN2011
Guest417 (guest):Large Fireball spotted June 29,2011, 9ish
Sorry, My location is Kingwood, Tx.The Fireball was traveling West to East low in the Southern sky before breaking up into several pieces.

League City, Texas Large Fireball ~9:30 pm 29JUN2011
I saw a large fireball over League city,texas, June 29,2011, 9:30 pm, It was going from houston to south of league city.Burn out before hitting ground -Larry H. Rohde

Piedras Negras, Coahuila de Zaragoza arrived from on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for light fell from the sky yesterday day over texas.
03:23:08 -- 7 minutes ago

Corpus Christi, Texas FIREBALL ~9pm 29JUN2011
Corpus Christi Tx off IH37/ Nueces Bay 9pm or so..a very Large fireball traveling east to west at a very fast speed then dissappeared. -Anon

Corpus Christi, TX around 9:18pm on June 29, 2011
I also saw the large fireball here in Corpus Christi, TX around 9:18pm on June 29, 2011, it only last around seconds. After I saw this, within 30 min a helicopter and several planes were in the same area, flying around in circles like if they were looking for something. This morning around 8:40 am in the same area there were more planes flying around in circles once again. Why did it land, and why no one has report this to the news!!! Anon

Corpus Christi, Tx. Meteor around 9:00 pm on June 29th 2011
Not sure it was a Meteor but at around 9:00 pm on June 29th 2011. At the Naval Airstation in Corpus Christi, Tx. Four of us saw a ball of fire that seemed to be commig from the sky, traveling against the wind. It was traveling from NW to the SE, it was blueish and seemed to be falling apart..
Stacy Wallis

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