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02 May 2013

Breaking News - NY VT ONT QC RI CT MA Fireball Meteor 01MAY2013

Breaking News- NY VT ONT QC RI CT MA Fireball Meteor approx. 21:35 EDT 01MAY2013
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NY VT ONT QC RI CT MA Fireball Meteor approx. 21:35 EDT 01MAY2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

01MAY2013 Gary Shelhamer Dryden, NY  USA 9:36 pm, 8 seconds N to NE   I was facing North white yellow orange very biight...looked like an airplace burning ? the most awesome one I have ever seen!

01MAY2013 John Pendelton, NY 21:35:00 3 seconds east white blue/green  red Fire work unknown the object was lower than the range planes fly

01MAY2013 Al Hunter Kanata 21:30 pm 6 seconds Canada Greenish bright light Sun no North to south

01MAY2013 Randy Sabourin Cornwall, Ontario 9:40 pm eastern 4-5 seconds N-S A red ball with a bit of white circling it More red ? Did not have time to take photo

01MAY2013 Eric Beitzel Accident 21:45 Eastern 5 sec United States Blue fairly bright no no photo

01MAY2013 Trent Hagerty Jericho, Vt 05465 Aprox 21:40 3-4 Seconds Facing W Travel W to SW White/Green Brighter than Iridium Flare, about Moon. Fragmented into three parts. A meteorite trail was spotted much higher in the sky traveling in the same direction, appearing as a normal meteorite from a shower about 20 seconds prior.

01MAY2013 Shaun Cicero NY about 21:30 est 3sec N-SE orange trail bright as the moon yes awesome

01MAY2013 megan montreal, canada 2h30 3-5 seconds r to left while facing ouest green bright green no no
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